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Simulation-based Training of Rapid Evaluation and Management for Acute Stroke (STREAM)


Multicentric prospective interventional 2-phase evaluation of the efficacy of simulation-based STROKE TEAM training on process times, thrombolysis rates and staff satisfaction.

Participants: Seven university hospitals in Germany that treat > 500 stroke patients annually

Recruitment: Octobre 2017 - April 2019 (finished)

Primary endpoints: ‚door-to-needle’ time in minutes as a valid benchmark parameter
Secondary endpoints: Thrombectomy process times, Thrombolysis rate, Staff satisfaction, perception of stress and patient safety.

Observation phase 1: Prospective consecutive recording of the following process times of all direct-to-center patients receiving recanalizing therapies: ‚door-to-imaging’ (patient arrival until brain imaging), ‚door-to-angio’ (patient arrival until arrival in the angio suite), ‚door-to-groin’ (patient arrival until the start of the intervention). Staff questionnaire concerning work satisfaction, perception of stress and patient safety filld out by doctors and nurses that are regularly involved in acute stroke care.

Intervention phase: Train-the-trainer seminar for a group of multipliers from each hospital consisting of doctors (neurologist, neurointerventionalist, anaesthesiologist), nurses and technicians with team leader function who can implement the STROKE TEAM training with the help of the teaching materials provided by the Frankfurt stroke team. The train-the-trainer seminar serves to analyse the workflow in each hospital making use of collegial peer-to-peer review and to present the teaching materials as well as provide basic teaching in didactic techniques for feedback and debriefing. Following the seminar, necessary changes to the algorithms will be implemented and two in situ trainings at each center will be conducted by the trainers from Frankfurt before the centers will be encouraged to proceed with their own simulation trainings.

Observation phase 2: Following the intervention, the data collection of phase 1 will be repeated for 3 months at each center.

More information on this clinical trial: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03228251

Prof. Dr. med. Waltraud Pfeilschifter
E-Mail: w.pfeilschifter@med.uni-frankfurt.de
Dr. med. Ferdinand O. Bohmann
E-Mail: bohmann@med.uni-frankfurt.de

Dr. med. Natalia Kurka
E-Mail: natalia.kurka@kgu.de